WEEK 12 - ATAMic MAKER SPACE (8/28 - 9/1)


WEEK 12 - ATAMic MAKER SPACE (8/28 - 9/1)



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ATAM Summer Maker Space gives campers the chance to learn how to use different types of tools, work with hardware and wood with the end goal being create their very own go-cart. They will build the go-cart from the ground up. The main features will be creating the main platform, a seat, set of 4 wheels, brakes and steering module. They will then customize graphics as well as paint their go-cart. Once finished, we race them at the park! At the end of the week, they take home their new go-cart creation and leave with new found knowledge of tools and working with wood and hardware.

Skill Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Tech and Materials Used
Photoshop, Illustrator, laser cutter, color printer, tools, wood, bonding hardware

Must bring clothes that are able to get a little messy!  :)

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$520.00 for week if paid in Person
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