This is the core of our roots!
our founder has been a educational technology teacher for over 15 years bringing students in grades TK to high school the technology skills needed during their school year, when they move up and preparing them for skills they can use in everyday professional life. We use a HOLISTIC approach combining the core academics, assessing the challenge and coming up with the best solution that fits the needs to help convey the RESEARCH, findings and possible solutions.


ATAM has instructors to teach grades TK - 12th grade in the areas
of technology, art, music.
We also teach fellow teachers and have classes for parents.


how it works

Once your school or small home group is ready to have a tech, art or music teacher, start by contacting ATAM to set up a time to meet and talk about the school's needs. When we meet, you should discuss your plan, school core values and goals, and what you want to be taught. that's it!  


ATAM offers limitless afterschool progams and classes for students in tk through 12th.
have students use their computers or we can bring our equipment with us.


some of the classes we offer

lego mindstorms - FLL robotics training - stop frame animation - 3d modeling
unity 3D game creation - unreal game creation - flash animation/cartooning
minecraft masters - roblox raiders - terraria tritons - kerball space program
photoshop - illustrator - web design - video special effects - sound design

guitar - bass - percussion - flute - violin - saxophone - harp - banjo
digital piano - DJ, beat matching and mixing - making the band


how it works

contact ATAM to let us know what classes you are interested in providing at your school and what the start and end dates are. we will send you a curriculum, description paragraph and amount of students for the class.