WEEK 12 - Superhero Animation 2D and 3D (8/20 - 8/24)


WEEK 12 - Superhero Animation 2D and 3D (8/20 - 8/24)


Camp is 8:30am - 3:30pm Monday through Friday
Overview and Age Appropriate Curriculum below.
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This week at Atam Camp students will learn how to use 3d modeling software  to make their own 3d models and animation . Each day they will learn 3d animation and modeling concepts such as modeling, texturing, rigging, special effects and principles of animation .They will learn how to use basic and complex shapes to create character , environment, or props  for the 3d world . In addition to 3d modeling students will also be given the option to 3d sculpt in sculptris . students will also learn how to render out an animation into a video to take home. 

Skill Level and Age Breakdown

Juniors [ages 5-7]
Campers will be using using tinker apps on iPad to model original designs and will use Stykz to animate characters.

Apprentices [ages 8-11]
This group will be learning how to use maya to animate pre rigged characters and scenes to create their very own custom animation.

Masters [ages 12-15]These advanced students will be given the opportunity  to Model texture and rig their own animated, rigged, character models from scratch or use pre-made rigged characters to make an animated short.

Tech Used
Maya, TinkerCad, Sculptris, Animate, Photoshop

There are no requirements for this week.

Optional Friday Field Trip
Location - Toppings
Day - Friday
Time - 9:15am to 7:15pm
Field Trip Fee - $0. Mr. Wamble is treating everyone to a tasty yogurt surprise to beat the heat and celebrate a great week at ATAM.

Camp Details
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ATAM Camp Details

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