WEEK 1 - Minecraft Extravaganza! (6/10 - 6/14)


WEEK 1 - Minecraft Extravaganza! (6/10 - 6/14)


Camp is 8:30am - 3:30pm Monday through Friday
Overview and Age Appropriate Curriculum below.
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Summer Camp just started! We kick it off having a blast with one of our favorite games, Minecraft!
Ages 5 through 15 curriculum breakdown below.

Skill Level and Age Breakdown

Juniors [ages 5-7]
Campers Start on the iPads at the beginning of the week learning the interface and controls of the game and different code to make Minecraft run how they want it to; use single player as well as learn how to create and join LAN worlds to collaborate building and playing with other campers.

Apprentices [ages 8-11]
Campers will learn about advance game play, get into commands and use command blocks and Wold edit.

Masters [ages 12-15]
Our advanced campers will get into using more advanced world edit and other tools like mod making and animations blocks to build their own servers.

Tech Used
Minecraft, Photoshop, Web-Based Editing Software

All students are required to have their own Minecraft account in order to create and manipulate and save their work that gets completed.

Camp Details
Click the link below for details on what you need to know about ATAM camp.

ATAM Camp Details

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