WEEK 4 - Mobile Game Design (7/2 - 7/6) *July 4th is off


WEEK 4 - Mobile Game Design (7/2 - 7/6) *July 4th is off


Camp is 8:30am - 3:30pm Monday through Friday
Overview and Age Appropriate Curriculum below.
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Using the latest app developing software, ATAM will introduce campers of all ages to learn and create their very own custom built app for any device! Whether they want to create a utility app or video game, this is the week to come!

Skill Level and Age Breakdown

Juniors [ages 5-7]
Campers will get introduced to programming in a fun way learning to code and animate in Scratch.

Apprentices [ages 8-11]
The campers will learn be building and compiling their app in XCode, learning the basics of Swift and Objective C programming language, and how to design an interface using the tools in the program.

Masters [ages 12-15]
These elite campers will be creating their entire app from scratch using a program called Processing. This is straight coding the entire way. The program or game they create can be exported to use on android or iOS.

Tech Used
XCode, Processing, Scratch, Photoshop

No requirements neccessary but it would be great to have your student(s) think of an idea they would like to have created.

Optional Friday Field Trip - Additional to Camp Day
Location - Mulligans
Day - Friday
Time - 9:30am to 3:00pm
Additional Field Trip Fee - $40 (possibly more if camper spends more)
Field Trip Form needs to be filled out beforehand. Click on the link to go straight to the ATAM field trip form.
ATAM Field Trip Form

Camp Details
Click the link below for details on what you need to know about ATAM camp.

ATAM Camp Details

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