WEEK 7 - Virtual Reality Adventures (7/22 - 7/26)


WEEK 7 - Virtual Reality Adventures (7/22 - 7/26)


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Camp is 8:30am - 3:30pm Monday through Friday
Overview and Age Appropriate Curriculum below.
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During this week our campers will be making everything from 2d and 3d gaming unity has came up as one of the most used game creators in todays gaming industry. during this week campers will learn how to make their own environments, characters and much more in the world and 3D.

Skill Level and Age Breakdown

Juniors [ages 5-7]
This group of newcomers will be focusing on using the iPad to create their own augmented reality environments.

Apprentices [ages 8-11]
This group will be learning how to make a 3D environment to have a character explore.

Masters [ages 12-15]
These elite camper group will be using Unity to . create and advanced environment to make their own character to travel across the landscape with an objective to complete

Tech Used
Unity, iPad apps

Some knowledge of stop frame animation would be preferable. Any previous knowledge of 2D or 3D animation would be great.

Optional Friday Field Trip - Additional to Camp Day
Location - Zuma Beach
Day - Friday
Time - 9:15am to 3:15pm
Additional Field Trip Fee - $20
Field Trip Form needs to be filled out beforehand. Click on the link to go straight to the ATAM field trip form.
ATAM Field Trip Form

Camp Details
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