Simply put, one of our most sought after services here is taking private lessons at ATAM.
each instructor has been personally trained by our founder Anthony Wamble to provide the absolute best teaching available.
ATAM invites students of all ages and all skill levels to learn at your pace in the areas of tech, art and music
lessons are one on one, private, at your own pace but with a gentle push from the instructor to keep you moving forward and challenged. 



programming - minecraft- roblox - photo - editing - video editing - animation - architecture
multimedia presentations - app building - game design - digital art - illustration
3d modeling - 3d animation - 3d printing - print design - web design - arduino and are constantly growing to add more



vocals - guitar - bass - piano - percussion - drums - ukulele - mandolin - banjo -
violin - harmonica - harp - DJ - beatboxing - garageband - logic - pro tools - cubase - ableton live - theory - full band instruction



traditional and digital - storyboarding - animation - any medium - any style


how it works

Once you are ready to start taking lessons, 
simply contact us to let us know what you would like to learn,
what time and day works and that's it! 
call, email or stop on by!